Friday, May 24, 2013

Getting Close to the End...

Hi everyone! I hope that you have a fantastic weekend planned out. As I approach the end of Freshman year, I would like to thank all of the amazing people that I have met this year. This will be my last time ever posting, so I wanted to make something special but I just couldn't think of what to make. So, instead of doing some regular dessert I wanted to reflect on this year and how much I have changed as a person. I put down some of the people that I have met this year that have really changed my life and become really close to me.

Let's start off with my best friend, Lilly. I have known Lilly since the beginning of this year but we only recently became close. I love this girl more than words can explain and she's been with me through thick and thin. Whether it's spending late nights talking about nothing or tie-dying old shirts, we always have the best times together.

The Lillers and I

This is what happens when we try to take a normal picture

We're cuter than most

Next up, I'd like to mention the girl that is more like a sister to me than a best friend. I've been friends with Reilly ever since birth and even though sometimes it may not seem like it, I do love her. Reilly and I are exactly like sisters. We fight like sisters. We laugh like sisters. And we love each other like sisters. Reilly and I have been together for fifteen years and even though this year has had its ups and downs, we have changed a lot and become closer! I love you girl.

The beginning of this year, such babies.

Next, I would like to take a minute to mention one of my best friends, Lindsay. Lindsay is probably one of the funniest people that I know and she is also one of the most caring. Lindsay is probably the best at giving advice about everything and she is the most fun person to be around. I love her to the moon and back.
Beginning of the year, Lindsay and I in Geography

Aww my favorite! At Sundance.

Nobody can write essays as sexy as her

She's a blonde; B-L-O-N-D!

The next person that I would like to mention is Marta. Marta and I have only become close this year but she has been the person who has probably helped me through the most. I know that I can tell her anything and she will never judge me. I can have the longest, deepest talks with her but then five minutes later just act totally crazy around her. I absolutely love this girl!

Beginning of the year, such babies.
Rocking out in English

Marta, Lindsay and I looking hot as always

Aww I love this (Lindsay is creeping)

Hahaha I am in love with this picture

Next I would like to mention one of my best friends, Reeve. Reevie is the closest thing that I have ever had to a little sister and I love her to bits and pieces. She is only in sixth grade, but you would think that she would be much older. Reeve is absolutely beautiful and so mature, but yet hilarious. I know that I can talk to Reeve about anything and she is always here for me.

My beautiful baby!
We occasionally model with pumpkins

Matching shirts

Riding fun

Frogging with Gambit, Reilly's horse

I would like to mention one of the funniest girls in this world, Jackie. Have one conversation with her, and you will remember it for the rest of your life. Guaranteed. She's the only girl that I know that can actually make me pee my pants for laughing so hard. I love this girl to the moon and back.
Beginning of the year :)
Lastly, I would like to mention my nonhuman best friend. My Melody. I love Melody more than words can describe. She's my best friend, my baby and I can't imagine life without her. I tell her absolutely everything and she doesn't judge me for any of it. Melody got me through some of the hardest times this year and I can't imagine what it would be like without her.
First Christmas together



My beautiful girl and I doing cross country
Goodbyes are hard. But once one door closes another opens. I am going to miss all of the memories that were made this year, but I am so excited to make some more next year. I love everyone who has made my wonderful Freshman year journey possible. <3